Best Wrinkle Cream Creates Anti-Aging BREAKTHROUGH and Sends Ripples Throughout the Serum Industry!

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What the HECK is going on with some of the latest wrinkle cream ads? Have you seen them – the ones with a before and after shot of a ladies head with a caption which reads underneath in quotes:

“85% wrinkle reduction in just 2 minutes!”.

If you hold some reservations about some of these claims you are not alone.

Dermatologists are are also skeptical and suggest that if these products claim that they can deliver such devastatingly quick results then they should be labeled drugs and not cosmetics.

However, skin care experts who work for manufacturers such as Olay and Clinique who support such claims say there is ample scientific research to present as proof for these latest serums.

There data derives from published medical research into how originally anti-wrinkle serums first came about in relation to peptide treatment technology.

Medicinally known as pentapeptides, these small groups of long-chained amino acids are at the heart of collagen production as they communicate to your tissue cells when more collagen is needed.

Collagen is what offers structural support to your skin and is the key here in offering firmness and tightness around the eyes, mouth and forehead. When collagen supplies are plentiful. your skin maintains its tightness, when they are in limited supply however, this is when sagging and wrinkles are born.

The BREAKTHROUGH came when Olay created pentapeptide compound-3. This new compound annihilated its competitors in late 2008 as it’s effectiveness sent ripples around the wrinkle cream industry.

Described back then as perhaps the best wrinkle cream on the shelves, Olay ingeniously combined a particular fatty acid with peptide technology, developing a serum which reaches much further into the layers of your skin offering it the ability to produce more collagen.

Since this paradigm shift in anti-wrinkle treatment technology took place, other brands have subsequently jumped on board creating a similar compound known as palmitoyl Oligopeptide.

Such brands include the new Amino Genesis by Clinique, LiftSP and the latest anti-oxidant DERMacai which along with Olay state that these new compounds will deliver much sharper effects at eliminating a strong percentage of wrinkles, between 80-90% within a short period due to the serums ability to produce more collagen offering the more skin firmness, vitality and youthfulness.

They add that if a wrinkle filling shot is not for you, an alternative treatment to such expensive procedures which have to be repeated every three months can be found in one of the new best wrinkle cream alternatives.

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