An Very affordable Different to Silicone Scar Remedies

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Silicone has rapidly turn out to be the starchild of scar removal goods. Silcone is built from the combining of oxygen and silcon atoms. This component retains dampness and creates a protective barrier. The Meals and Drug Administration has approved silicone in more than-the-counter medication as an antimicrobial, antifungal, agony relieving and skin guarding ingredient.

Notwithstanding, a lot of OTC scar treatment options comprise 5% silicone as the “active component”. The issue with these OTC prescription drugs is that a mere 50 % ounce of this remedy can price tag in between $20 to $35US.

Other types of silicone consist of widespread cosmetic components like cyclomethicone. Cyclomethicone is utilized in substantial concentrations in hair treatment items like hair glossers and frizz reducing serums. But not like pricey vials of scar serum, hair glossers may well price tag a fair $.50 to $2.00 for every ounce.

Substitute silicones at a reasonable price

Items that include substantial quantities of silicones include hair glossers designed by Proclaim, ic (Inter Cellular) and John Freida. What’s much more, just about every single hair treatment products company has unveiled a generic frizz minimizing gloss whose main component is a member of the silicone relatives.

These solutions are straightforward to place because the substances checklist will start out with goods like cyclomethicone or dimethicone. Most silicone derived elements will have the “just one” ending.

How to get the most from silicone as a scar removing agent

Though silicone is a outstanding skin protectant, some experts have contested it is really claim to fame as a scar eradicating agent. Lousy effects from using a silicone based mostly products to lower the overall look of scars most likely arrives from using silicone in unproven strategies.

For case in point, most silicone studies are done on new wounds or the latest burns. In other situations, the silicone is applied beneath band-aids. So, if you want to use silicone on a two, 4 or 5 year old scar, you probably will not like the outcomes because your scar is concealed from the silicone by layers of dead skin cells.

How silicone minimizes the look of scars

This is the issue- wounded pores and skin, burned skin and band-aids enable silicone to far better penetrate and moisturize the skin. In point, 1 idea goes that silicone is an suitable scar reducer simply just simply because it “hyper-moisturizes” the pores and skin.

Making use of hair glossers for scar elimination

So, if you are heading to use a silicone-household dependent hair glosser to handle your scars, here is how to do it ideal.

For scars on the confront

      1. Cleanse your facial area

      2. Easy a glycolic acid toner around your pores and skin. You can come across this kind of toners in drug shops now for much less than $8US. This step is key because the glycolic acid will mildly “burn” the upper levels of the skin. This move will let the silicone to improved penetrate the skin, hyper-moisturize it and so diminish the appearance of the scar(s).

      3. Apply an almond-sized volume of silicone to your entire deal with. Reapply the silicon-based moisturizer 2 times daily. Preferably, you would use a facial mist on your skin prior to implementing the silicone to strengthen the humidity degree of your pores and skin.

      4. Repeat measures a person through a few 2 times daily, at the time in the early morning and after at evening to decrease the scar’s appearance.

    Silicon-primarily based hair glossers typically will not depart you skin oily or clog your pores. In actuality, the hair glosser ought to be so commonly absorbed by your pores and skin that with within just 15 minutes of software, there are no seen traces of the moisturizer.

    For scars on the body

        1. Repeat actions 1 and two from previously mentioned. Use the glycolic toner only on the scar.

        2. Implement the hair glosser to the whole scar.

        3. Now position a band-assist around the scar.

        4. Repeat measures just one by means of 3 day by day right up until the scar has diminished to your liking.


      You can also use hair glossers as a therapeutic moisturizer to considerably reduce your skin’s therapeutic time right after deep facial peels and increase the overall beauty results of the procedure.

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